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Explorations of Islands in
Scottish Literature and Culture

29 June–1 July 2018
Sabhal Mòr Ostaig,
Isle of Skye, Scotland


Photo by Ian Campbell on Unsplash


18:00 Optional buffet
19:45 Opening of conference and welcome (Boyd Robertson)
20:00–21:00: Three Points of a Compass
• Somhairle MacGill-Eain and Iain Crichton Mac a’Ghobhain: imagining islands (Peter Mackay)
• The “small green world” of Orkney: the land and seascapes of George Mackay Brown (Linden Bicket)
• The Shetlandic literary tradition: a writer’s personal response (Robert Alan Jamieson)

9:00–11:00: Session 1A
• Contrasting cultural perspectives in Sue Glover’s The Straw Chair (John Hodgart)
• The representation of Scottish islands in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century travel accounts (Marion Amblard and Sabrina Juillet Garzon)
• Bàrdachd baile: ath-mheasadh (Township poetry of the Western Isles: a re-evaluation) (Iain Howieson)
  Session 1B
• Robert Louis Stevenson’s creative archipelagos: mapping the territory between Scotland and Samoa (Caroline McCracken Flesher)
• “I went to stay in Orkney …”: the influence of Orkney in Ian Hamilton Finlay’s work (Alistair Peebles)
• Islands and identity in the drama and fiction of J. M. Barrie and S. R. Crockett (Cally Phillips)
11:00–11:30: Coffee
11:30–13:00: Session 2A
• Scottish islands and Norse settlements in the novels of Vilborg Davíðsdóttir and Margaret Elphinstone (Ingibjörg Ágústsdóttir)
• “Poor Peedie Grottie Buckies”: literary language in twenty-first-century Orkney (Simon Hall)
• Description of a practical creative project in North Uist (Linda Cracknell)
  Session 2B
• Halfway between Canaan and Garrabost: religion in Derick Thomson’s Lewis poetry (Petra Poncarová)
• “If anything appear Questionable”: John Brand’s account of his 1700 visit to Zetland (Anne McKim)
• From Scottish isles to South-sea islands: exploring Robert Louis Stevenson’s archipelagic writing (Julie Gay)
13:00–14:00: Lunch
14:00–15:30: Session 3A
• Iain Crichton Smith’s permanent island (Jean Berton)
• Transcriptions of landfalls: voyages to the island of St Kilda (Ian Stephen)
• Knit your own Atlantic archipelago: representations of Scottish islands in instructional knitting literature (Siún Carden)
  Session 3B
• Transatlantic parallels: Shetland and Newfoundland in early nineteenth-century travelogues (Pam Perkins)
• Marjory Kennedy Fraser’s Celticising of Hebridean music (John Patrick Pazdziora)
• Auld Rock meets Nordic Noir: a Danish gaze on Shetlandic Scandinavian-ness (Gunhild Agger and Hanne Tange)
15:30–16:00: Coffee
16:00–16:45: Dreaming of Islands
• The art of marrying the musical with the poetic: compositional techniques (John Purser)
19:00: Conference Dinner
21:00: Ceilidh

9:15–10:45: Session 4A
• The portrayal of the St Kilda parliament in poetry, photography and historical narratives (Philippe Laplace)
• A microcosm of a wider wicked world: Inchcolm in Simon Taylor’s Mortimer’s Deep (Ian Brown)
• Isobel Wylie Hutchison: a female insight into the Scottish islands and their people (Hazel Buchan-Cameron)
  Session 4B
• Innis-mhuir na Gaidhlig/Innis-mhuir nan Gaidheal (The Gaelic Sea of Islands/The Gaels’ Sea of Islands) (Nathaniel Harrington)
• The Isle of Rum: community development on a national nature reserve (Andrew Samuel)
• John Murdoch and nineteenth-century Islay (Calum Cameron White)
10:45–11:15: Coffee
11:15–12:15: Archives and archipelagos: a panel conversation
(Nicholas Allan (chair), Alan Riach, Fiona Stafford, David Wheatley)
12:15–12:30: Conclusion of conference
(Alan Riach)
13:00: Optional buffet lunch


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