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Series Editors: Ian Brown and Thomas Owen Clancy


International Companions offer essential insights into Scottish literary studies, covering key authors, periods and topics from the medieval to the contemporary. Written and edited by leading scholars, the International Companions series provides comprehensive, authoritative and accessible guides to all aspects of Scotland’s literature, past and present.

Each International Companion:

  • Gives a comprehensive overview of its subject
  • Places each subject in the broader context of the Scottish literary tradition
  • Contains interesting and accessible essays from expert contributors
  • Provides a solid general introduction and a selected guide to further reading

International Companions are priced £19.95 each and are available from all good bookshops.


The International Companion to
Lewis Grassic Gibbon

Edited by Scott Lyall
This volume examines Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s works within the framework of the social, political, and literary developments of his time.

Pbk: £19.95


The International Companion to
Edwin Morgan

Edited by Alan Riach
This volume follows Morgan’s astonishing, multi-faceted trajectory through space and time, and offers students an essential and accessible general introduction to his life and work.

Pbk: £19.95


The International Companion to
Scottish Poetry

Edited by Carla Sassi
This volume covers all of Scottish poetry from the early Middle Ages to the modern day, and explores the connections, influences and interrelations between English, Gaelic, Latin, Old Norse and Scots verse.

Pbk: £19.95


The International Companion to
James Macpherson and The Poems of Ossian

Edited by Dafydd Moore
This volume covers examines the social, political and philosophical context of Macpherson’s “Ossian” poems, their disputed origins, their impact on world literature, and their critical afterlives.

Pbk: £19.95


The International Companion to
John Galt

Edited by Gerard Carruthers and Colin Kidd
This volume builds on a steady stream of recent scholarship, and examines John Galt’s writings in the social, economic, and religious contexts of their time.

Pbk: £19.95


The International Companion to
Scottish Literature 1400–1650

Edited by Nicola Royan
This volume presents a comprehensive overview of Scottish literature from 1400 to 1650, covering the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Union of the Crowns, and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms.

Pbk: £19.95

Last updated 5 June 2019