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Annual Volume 21 (1991)


Edited by Peter Butter

Published in: Hardback.
By: Association for Scottish Literary Studies, Aberdeen, 1991.
Price: £15.00
ISBN 978-0-948877-13-1

This title is now OUT OF PRINT

All the poetry published by Muir in his lifetime is collected here in this volume, plus those works published after his death and a number of poems and versions of poems left out of previous collections. The poems are arranged, where appropriate, in sections representing the separate volumes of verse published by Muir himself, with additional poems printed in appendices. Professor Butter’s notes identify when each of Muir’s poems were written, and where. He quotes earlier versions and Muir’s own comments, in letters and notebooks, on his poetry, its genesis and meaning. Not included are Muir’s juvenilia and some occasional verses and translations, although these are all listed.

Peter Butter was Regius Professor of English at Glasgow University until 1986. He wrote a life of Muir (Edwin Muir: Man and Poet 1966), and edited selections of his letters (1974) and of his uncollected essays and reviews (The Truth of Imagination 1988).

Typeset by Speedspools, Edinburgh. Printed by Bell & Bain, Glasgow

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