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Cross-currents in
Scottish Writing in
the Nineteenth Century

Occasional Papers series No. 20

Edited by Christopher MacLachlan
& Ronald W. Renton

Published in: Paperback.
By: Scottish Literature International, Glasgow, 20 April 2015.
Price: £19.95 / €22.95
(USA $25.95, Canada $25.95)
ISBN 9781908980106

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The nineteenth century saw the romanticisation of the Highlander, the rise of tartanry and the emergence of the modern Scottish tourist industry. It also witnessed the worst excesses of the Clearances and the beginnings of an exodus from the Highlands to the industrial cities and to the colonies. The languages, peoples and cultures of Highland and Lowland Scotland mixed and mingled as never before, influencing and shaping each other in often unexpected ways.

Gael and Lowlander in Scottish Literature explores the interactions and intersections between Highland and Lowland poetry, prose, drama and song, in English, Scots and Gaelic. Ranging from Sir Walter Scott to the writers and artists of the fin de siècle Celtic Revival, these fourteen essays show how the crossing and re-crossing of the Highland Line shaped Scottish literature in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and how it continues to do so today.


  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgements
  • Contacts and Tensions: Highlands and Lowlands in the Nineteenth Century (Allan I. Macinnes)
  • The Poetry of Ailean Dall (Ronald Black)
  • Three Cultural Crossings and Dilemmas in Archibald Maclaren’s Playwriting (Ian Brown and Gioia Angeletti)
  • What Walter Scott Can Offer Us Today (Christopher Whyte)
  • James Hogg and the Highlands (Suzanne Gilbert)
  • The Noctes Ambrosianae and the Highlands (David Manderson)
  • ‘That Fairyland of Poesy’: The Highlands in Early Nineteenth-Century Women’s Fiction (Pam Perkins)
  • The Unknown William Livingston (Four Songs) (Christopher Whyte)
  • Gaelic Periodicals in the Lowlands: Negotiating Change (Sheila M. Kidd)
  • Màiri Mhòr – Victim of Circumstance or Self-Made Celebrity? (Mark Wringe)
  • Niall MacLeòid, Bard of Skye and Edinburgh (Meg Bateman)
  • Robert Louis Stevenson’s Highlanders (Christopher MacLachlan)
  • Art, the Highlands and the Celtic Revival (Murdo Macdonald)
  • From Celtic Revival to Scottish Renaissance? (Douglas Gifford)


Cover image: William Charles Macready as “Rob Roy McGregor”
Stipple and line engraving, published 10 June 1823 by Hodgson & Co.
© National Portrait Gallery, London


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