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International Companions to Scottish Literature

The International Companion to

Edited by Carla Sassi;
Gaelic Adviser: Thomas Owen Clancy

Published in: Paperback, 314 pages.
By: Scottish Literature International,
March 2016
Price: £19.95 | €22.95 | USA $24.95
ISBN 9781908980151

A range of leading international scholars provide the reader with a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the extraordinary richness and diversity of Scotland’s poetry. Addressing Languages and Chronologies, Poetic Forms, and Topics and Themes, this International Companion covers the entire subject from from the early Middle Ages to the modern day, and explores the connections, influences and interrelations between English, Gaelic, Latin, Old Norse and Scots verse.


  • Series Editors’ Preface
  • Introduction (Carla Sassi)
Part 1: Languages and Chronologies
  • Early Celtic Poetry (to 1500) (Thomas Owen Clancy)
  • Scots poetry in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
    (R. D. S. Jack)
  • Poetry in Latin (Roger Green)
  • Poetry in the Languages and Dialects of Northern Scotland (Roberta Frank, Brian Smith)
  • The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (Sìm Innes, Alessandra Petrina)
  • The Eighteenth Century (Ronald Black, Gerard Carruthers)
  • The Nineteenth Century (Ian Duncan, Sheila Kidd)
  • The Poetry of Modernity (1870–1950) (Emma Dymock,
    Scott Lyall)
  • Contemporary Poetry (1950–) (Attila Dósa, Michelle Macleod)
Part 2: Poetic Forms
  • The Form of Scottish Gaelic poetry (William Gillies)
  • Scots Poetic Forms (Derrick McClure)
  • The Ballad in Scots and English (Suzanne Gilbert)
Part 3: Topics and Themes
  • Nature, Landscape and Rural Life (Louisa Gairn)
  • Nation and Home (Carla Sassi, Silke Stroh)
  • Protest and Politics (Wilson McLeod, Alan Riach)
  • Love and Erotic Poetry (Peter Mackay)
  • Faith and Religion (Meg Bateman, James McGonigal)
  • Scottish Poetry as World Poetry (Paul Barnaby)
  • The Literary Environment (Robyn Marsack)
  • Endnotes
  • Further Reading
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Index


Cover image: closeup of one of the book sculptures given anonymously to the Scottish Poetry Library in 2011. Photograph © Chris Scott. Reproduced by kind permission of the anonymous artist and the Scottish Poetry Library.


Last updated 16 March 2016.