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International Companions to Scottish Literature

The International Companion to

Edited by Gerard Carruthers
and Colin Kidd

Published in: Paperback, 194 pages.
By: Scottish Literature International,
May 2017
Price: £19.95 | €22.95 | USA $24.95
ISBN 9781908980274

John Galt (1779–1839) was a contemporary of Sir Walter Scott and Jane Austen, and a friend and biographer of Lord Byron. Although a prolific writer, and much admired in his own lifetime, Galt has never achieved comparable levels of literary fame, and his works – poised between Enlightenment and Romanticism – are now often overlooked. Yet his reputation has been slowly growing, and he has attracted critical interest as both a political novelist and a chronicler of Scottish life. This International Companion builds on a steady stream of recent scholarship, and examines Galt’s writings in the social, economic, and religious contexts of their time.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Series Editors’ Preface
  • A Brief Biography of John Galt
  • Introduction (Gerard Carruthers and Colin Kidd)
  • John Galt’s Ayrshire (Andrew O’Hagan)
  • Satire, Hypocrisy, and the Ayrshire–Renfrewshire Enlightenment (Colin Kidd)
  • Finding Galt in Glasgow (Craig Lamont)
  • Galt the Speculator: Sir Andrew Wylie, The Entail, and Lawrie Todd (Angela Esterhammer)
  • How John Galt Wrote North America (Ian McGhee)
  • Commemorating the Covenanters in Ringan Gilhaize (Alison Lumsden)
  • The Insider’s Eye in the Age of Improvement, Urbanisation, and Revolution (Christopher A. Whatley)
  • Pioneering the Political Novel in English (Gordon Millar)
  • Reading for Something Other than the Plot in Galt’s ‘Tales of the West’ (Anthony Jarrells)
  • Gender and the Short Story in the Twilight Years (Gerard Carruthers)
  • Endnotes
  • Further Reading
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Index


Cover image: Charles Grey, portrait of John Galt. Image courtesy of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery


Last updated 15 May 2017.