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Occasional Papers series No. 16

Edited by Ian Brown

Published in: Paperback.
By: Scottish Literature International, Glasgow 2012.
Price: £19.95 (USA $25.95, Canada $25.95)
ISBN 9781908980007

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“Of course, to one familiar with the works of Scott, there is scarce a district of his native land lacking some association connected with the writer and his immortal work.”
— Jules Verne, 1895


In 1810 a literary phenomenon swept through Britain, Europe and beyond: the publication of Sir Walter Scott’s epic poem The Lady of the Lake, set in the wild romantic landscape around Loch Katrine and the Trossachs. The world’s first international blockbusting bestseller, in terms of sheer publishing sensation nothing like it was seen until the Harry Potter books.

Exploring the potent appeal that links books, places, authors and readers, this collection of eleven essays examines tourism in the Trossachs both before and after 1810, and surveys the indigenous Gaelic culture of the area. It also considers how Sir Walter’s writings responded to the landscape, history and literature of the region, and traces his impact on the tourists, authors and artists who thronged in his wake.


  • Literary pilgrimage as cultural imperialism and ‘Scott-land’: Ian Brown
  • ‘A place much celebrated in England’: Loch Katrine and the Trossachs before The Lady of the Lake: Tom Furniss
  • Scott and Tourism: Alasdair J. Durie
  • Holiday romances; or, Loch Katrine and the literary tourist: Nicola J. Watson
  • Wildness and wet: artistic interactions and the Trossachs’ designation as a National Park : Jim Alison
  • Rob Roy: trade, improvement and the destruction of ‘native’ cultures : David Hewitt
  • ‘Woe to him who has lost his voice’: re-discovering the Gaelic literature of the Lennox and Menteith: Michael Newton
  • On the look-out for Beauty: Dorothy Wordsworth in the Trossachs: Dorothy McMillan
  • Rethinking Scott, his literary predecessors and the imagery of the Highlands: Murdo MacDonald
  • Jules Verne and the Trossachs: experience and inspiration: Ian Thompson
  • Location, dislocation: film and the Trossachs: David Manderson
  • Bibliography
  • Contributors


Cover image: Publicity postcard for the Caledonian Railway’s Trossachs Tour, 1910. © Scottish Motor Museum Trust.
Licensor www.scran.ac.uk.


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