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An Cuilithionn 1939 / The Cuillin 1939
and Unpublished Poems

by Somhairle MacGill-Eain / Sorley MacLean;
ed. Christopher Whyte

A new edition of Sorley MacLean’s hugely powerful Gaelic political poem, with facing English translation. Also includes forty-five other previously unpublished works by MacLean.

Pbk: £12.50

The Lady of the Lake
by Sir Walter Scott; ed. Thomas Crawford
Illustrated by Linda Farquharson
A special illustrated edition of Sir Walter Scott’s epic poem, marking its 200th anniversary. Published in partnership with the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.

Hbk: £14.95
Out of stock

A Portable Shelter
by Kirsty Logan
Illustrated by Liz Myhill
Thirteen elegant and haunting tales of circuses and stargazing, selkie fishermen and domestic werewolves, child-eating witches and broken-toothed dragons, from one of Scotland’s most exciting young writers.

Hbk: £9.95

Scottish Plays for Schools
ed. Roy McGregor & Liz Niven
A collection of six plays by contemporary Scottish writers, suitable for English or Drama classrooms ranging from S1 to S6.

Pbk: £7.99

The Space of Fiction
Voices From Scotland in a Post-Devolution Age
by Marie-Odile Pittin-Hedon
The Space of Fiction shows how contemporary Scottish novelists illuminate a post-national, cosmopolitan, multicultural and even globalised Scotland. Professor Pittin-Hedon explores their notions of space and place, and questions the impact of fiction on the nature of identity.

Pbk: £19.95

Stepping Westward
Inaugural Lectures
by Nigel Leask & Alan Riach
These two stimulating lectures, by the Regius Chair of English Literature and Language, and the Chair of Scottish Literature, at the University of Glasgow, are infused with a passion for the validity and worth of English and Scottish – and many other – literatures.

Pbk: £9.95

Treasure Islands
Scottish fiction for young readers aged 10–14
ed. James Alison & Ronald Renton
Treasure Islands is a collection of 160 short reviews of the best Scottish children’s fiction, with information on themes, content, age range and reading level.

Pbk: £6.95

Understanding Grammar in Scotland Today
by John Corbett & Christian Kay
Understanding Grammar in Scotland Today explains basic concepts and presents a method of analysis that is systematic and suitable for complete beginners with no previous experience of formal grammatical study.

Pbk: £9.95

Voices of Scotland
Scottish Poetry for levels 2 and 3
Edited by Morna Fleming and Lorna Smith
More than one hundred Scottish poems for pupils at Levels 2 and 3. Each poem comes with teaching notes, classroom activities, and suggested further reading.

Pbk: £9.95

Last updated 21 November 2019