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Annual Volume 37 (2007)


Plays by Glasgow Unity writers

Edited by Bill Findlay

Published in: Paperback, 412 pages
By: Association for Scottish Literary Studies, Glasgow, April 2008
Price: £12.50
ISBN 978-0-948877-79-7

Growing out of roots planted in the Great Depression and the chaos of the Second World War, Glasgow Unity Theatre grew into the most celebrated and influential of mid-twentieth century Scottish theatre companies, successfully developing the theatrical styles and political commitments of the organisations from which it came. This new publication contains acting scripts of five of their most important plays, including Ena Lamont Stewart’s Men Should Weep in its previously-unpublished first version, and a play from the 1950s, All in Good Faith, by Roddy McMillan, whohad begun his career as one of Unity’s outstanding performers. Along with Unity’s celebrated achievements in the late 1940s – Robert McLeish’s The Gorbals Story, George Munro’s Gold in his Boots, and Benedick Scott’s The Lambs of God – this volume allows Unity’s work to be read together for the first time, and seen fully in the context of its period and influence. Here too we can see a use of Scots language far removed from the pantomime, music-hall and comedy of the contemporary stage, and capable instead of conveying genuine and universal emotions.


MEN SHOULD WEEP by Ena Lamont Stewart
GOLD IN HIS BOOTS by George Munro
THE LAMBS OF GOD by Benedick Scott
ALL IN GOOD FAITH by Roddy McMillan
Further Reading

Dr Bill Findlay was Reader in the School of Drama and Creative Industries, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh. He edited A History of Scottish Theatre; Scots Plays of the Seventies; Frae Ither Tongues: Essays on Modern Translations into Scots; and Serving Twa Maisters: Five Classic Plays in Scots Translation with John Corbett. He also translated over a dozen contemporary and classic plays into Scots.

Cover illustration: Central Station, Glasgow 1960.
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