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Saturday 6 October 2018

The papers presented at the 2018 ASLS Schools Conference were filmed by Education Scotland. The videos can be viewed on YouTube, or via the links below.

Scots Drama: an overview –
Ian Brown


The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Ian Campbell


William McIlvanney’s Detective Fiction: Laidlaw
David Goldie


Teaching Muriel Spark –
Andrew Young


Songs of Sir Walter Scott –
The Sorries

  • Professor Ian Brown has written widely on Scottish drama, as well as being a playwright and former Arts Council Drama Director.
  • Professor Ian Campbell is emeritus professor of Scottish and Victorian Literature at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Dr David Goldie is Head of the School of Humanities at the University of Strathclyde.
  • Andrew Young is an experienced practising teacher at St Aloysius’ College, and took part in the centenary events promoting the work of Muriel Spark.
  • The Sorries – Edinburgh University lecturer Martin Philip and primary teacher Douglas Kay – bring their own blend of scholarship and folk music to Scott’s songs.

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